Design Problem – Scalable Progress Bar

I been looking into some css solutions for creating web bars. A css solutions is desirable over animated GIFs or embedded flash for several reason, primarily because of load efficiency and the ability to control the animation.

Using a single background image or sprite image makes loading of the progress bar image quite efficient. The background image or sprite image can be moved using background image positioning:

background:url(‘images/progress.gif’) -8em no-repeat;
height: 12px;

The progress position is changed by adding a class for each position:

background:url(‘images/progress.gif’) -9em no-repeat;
background:url(‘images/progress.gif’) -8em no-repeat;
background:url(‘images/progress.gif’) -7em no-repeat;

So the -em position (-9, -8, -7) represents the inverse of the percentage value (10%, 20%, 30%). At it scales properly!


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