Matt Kelty’s Fight

One of the candidate’s for mayor of Fort Wayne, Matt Kelty, is running his campaign on social conservatism, and outsiderness. His platform is sort-of an anti-goldwater conservatism: he offers the cutting of government spending and the lowering of taxes, but bulks at plans for actually getting it done; he is flagrantly religious and hereby maintains positions (anti-abortion) that are completely out of scope for an city official; he complains of government involvement in citizens’ live, but then argues for counter-libertarian social regulation.

Kelty has charisma with many voters. He’s found himself in substantial imbroglio, mostly due to the appearance of campaign finance crimes. Yet, he’s managed to down-play the charges and his possible wrong doing, and he’s maintained many of his supporters. Unfortunately, not much poll data available for Fort Wayne’s upcoming election, so his actually popularity with voters is hard to discern. Convention wisdom would argue that while he’s bring new voters to the polls and will remain successful with social conservatives, he will probably lose due the the legal questions. (He could be found guilty of felony campaign violations after the November elections). Interestingly, the election will almost certainly be a failure for the city’s GOP. The party has show conditional support for Kelty. Many of Kelty’s supporters are tired of the city GOP claiming that it is a good-old-boys party that is unresponsive to the city’s real needs.

With this background, I’d like to deconstruct and ammend one of the Kelty campain’s responses to his indictment on felony perjury and campain finance charges:

With the dust beginning to settle, I wish to address the charges against me.

We really hope that the dust is settling and would rather not address this topic.

I am innocent;

We have to say this, so we’ll be matter-a-fact about it. Actually, though, we cannot comment about on going legal proceedings. Our legal council has informed that campaign that “innocence” is the only part of the case that be discussed. So, please, no other questions, unless they relate to this campaign’s innocence.

my campaign financial reports have been filed correctly; I have spoken the truth.

Why would the campaign have incorrectly filed reports. Now a disingenuous, deceptive filing would be another matter. Really, we would try to be deceptive under the law. We were deceptive, yes, but it followed legal formality (or so I was counseled). Let’s work with this innocence thing some more, “I have spoken the truth”. Would a truth-speaker break the law? Do you know what truth means, what philosophical, religious power this word exerts. For thousands of years the world’s greatest minds have sought this elusive object, and I speak it.

The Allen County Election Board, which has jurisdiction on this issue, examined the matter thoroughly and exonerated me. The single vote against me came from a well-known Democratic political operative (and former chief of staff for Mayor Graham Richard) who resigned from the Common Cause governing board the day before it filed a complaint with the Allen County prosecutor’s office.

Two Republicans, with no legal authority, blindly exonerated me. And this matters because they understand truth. They are the board. This other partisan fellow is only an operative. Operative, if you are unfamiliar with the moniker, are these shadowy figures that derail honest, truthful politics. It’s commonly know that most liberals are operatives.

These politically motivated charges, resulting from the filing of a single form, have led to an assault on my reputation and good name by political opportunists.

I love the past exonerative: My good name and reputation are not damaged by information about my campaigning practices; charges have existed that seem to correlate with people thinking I don’t have a good name. The problem is with the charges, which are like a silent, ethereal plague. Clouds of charges assemble when stimulative by operatives, and then tend to hover over leaders of good reputation.

I take full responsibility for anything my campaign or I may have done or failed to do.

We will admit to innocence and truth. If any invisible transgressions have been committed it was only as a crime of omission, mistakes made in the fury of doings what is right and true. As real Americans know, sometime the colors red, white, and blue have and inter-blend and fade into unwholesome hues of beamured purple and pink. But this is only because of the strength of each color.

Yet only one side of the story has been reported, and when I have a chance to tell my side, I will be exonerated again. Meanwhile, know this: I am not a quitter. I will not back down.


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