Japanese Host Boys

I just saw a well made documentary on Japanese host boys, a western Japanese sub-cultural phenomenon.Great Happiness Space

The film looks at (economically) exclusive clubs wherein younger women pay larges amounts of money ($2,000-10,000 a night) to spend time with handsome, youthful, and entertaining young men. For the most part, the women are paying for attention, but sex is also involved.

The men at these clubs seem youthfully resilient, yet tired and disillusioned. The men are very aware of the powers at play in what they do. They say forthrightly that they sell dreams and happiness in the form of romantic attention. The best liked and asked for of these men make $50,000 a month for their services.

Several of the hosting clubs have advertisements for the men online:

A rather interesting ripple in the story is that the majority of the women entertained at host boy clubs are themselves entertainers, whether hostesses, exotic dancers, or prostitutes (the categories bleed significantly). So much of the money they make entertaining men is spend on their on need for more-genuine friendship and sexual attention.

I’ll be posting more on this topic…

Additionally, if you have a Netflix account, this documentary is available for “Instant” watching online.


7 thoughts on “Japanese Host Boys

  1. You can run Parallels for Mac or run a Windows virtual machine. If you were to care that much about watch any of the thousand-some on-demand Netflix videos. I’m personally disappointed with their selection at this point.

  2. that’s interesting. i am a hostess in roppongi, and have host friends. of course what a hostess and a host do is very different. a hostess is not willing to do sexual favors, but a host boy is more than happy to fulfill your sexual needs for a price.

  3. I saw a similar documentary on Host Boys. I think it would be nice to have more establishments like this in the U. S. I do not want to see pompous Black guys nor over developed White guys boring you witht heir lack of conversation. Send us some gorgeous Asians with the desire to grant our fantasies without the use of intercourse. I would be a very happy woman.

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