Village Voice: Ian Curtis Biopic Gets Manchester Right

LD Beghtol of the Village Voice has a Control review that touches on Corbijn’s gaze towards Ian Curtis and Joy Division:

His long infatuation with Joy Division first went public when his photos of the band—made literally in Curtis’s final weeks—were shunned by the press as too strange, too arty; only after the singer’s death did these enigmatic images become widely known, making Corbijn famous in the process. Inevitably, then, Corbijn became the de facto image consultant to the burgeoning postmortem JD industry: Witness his risible late-’80s video for “Atmosphere,” in which dwarfish, robed, and hooded figures galumph through an arid sub-Bergmanesque landscape, intercut with stills of the young, then-clueless band. Corbijn’s later videos are often much less cack-handed than this one, making him an obvious (perhaps too obvious) choice for his much-postponed feature-length debut.

Read the article at the Village Voice.


A comprehensive review of the film can be found at Westminister Wisdom.


3 thoughts on “Village Voice: Ian Curtis Biopic Gets Manchester Right

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