Virtual Reality has Arrived- You can buy it at Wal-Mart

Technology writer, Steven  Levy, says that everyday, virtual reality has arrived, and he sites three popular products that achieve VR:

When we shred on a plastic Les Paul or Explorer in Guitar Hero (or Stratocaster in its competitor, Rock Band), break a back sweat on the Wii balance board, or pinch and stretch a Google Map on the iPhone, we may not know it, but we’re fulfilling a promise. Almost two decades ago, the tech world was obsessed with virtual reality. Computer scientists, geeky journalists, venturesome academics, and heat seekers in general elbowed their way into places like the NASA Ames Research Center to indulge in VR. They donned awkward helmets with tiny screens and speakers that immersed them in the equivalent of a computer-generated Habitrail.


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