Talent Development in a Virtual World

Techwise TV recently posted a short interview with David Fenske, Dean of the iSchool at Drexel , about web-based learning and professional development.

This past year I went back to school. I’ll be staying with my day job and attending online, part-time classes in Drexel University’s Masters of Information Science program. Completing a degree online will be a challenge, no doubt. Yet, much of  my communication in work and life is performed online with people across the U.S. and the world. In this way, attending online classes has been less of a difference that I first expected.

With an understanding that my professional relationships and activities will— in all likelihood— become increasingly virtual, I’ve tried to be more conscious of the problems and opportunities involved with online communication. Moreover, as Fenske highlights, work and education are hardly separate activities for college students. So I’ want to be more aware of the interplay between my professional and educational learning.

As I read and think about this topic, I plan to post any notable finds on this blog.


One thought on “Talent Development in a Virtual World

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