Robot Readings

There have been a number of good articles on artificial intelligence and robotics within the past week.

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One thought on “Robot Readings

  1. I continue to be imsprseed by what’s referred to here as disappearing AI or what I would otherwise have thought of as software agents that connect the dots to create more intelligent computing processes. Technology has made our lives easier and automated tasks since the beginning of time, so no reason why that pattern shouldn’t continue well into the future. Some of my favorite agents are tools built into platforms like eBay in which the software not only displays merchandise it thinks might be interesting to me but also helps me bid effectively. Also, other contextual recommendation engines like StumbleUpon apply the same principles of collective intelligence to try to create a better browsing experience for users. One of the big drawbacks to some of these agents is how they relate to privacy. Fortunately, as far as I’m concerned, there seems to be some erosion of these concerns as people realize that in order to have a useful web they’re going to have to share some of their information. For example, it wouldn’t surprise me if when Amazon and eBay first introduced their “people who liked this item also bought X” feature, there was some backlash as users felt uncomfortable that their browsing or purchasing powers were being shared even if while anonymized. But a truly useful web is one that understands users and their behavior, and thus the sort of tracking that happens now will probably only become more prevalent. Would you rather have your browsing history monitored and then be served ads that are actually relevant to what you’re doing or would you prefer the TV experience in which the ads are served with little awareness of who’s actually viewing them? Maybe some people would prefer the latter but I’m wholly in favor of the former.

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